The Del-Vetts

The Del-Vetts were an American garage-rock band that released three singles, including the 1966 proto-punk classic “Last Time Around.” In 1967, they morphed into Pride and Joy for two further singles on Dunwich.

Members: Jim Lauer (guitar, lead vocals), Bob Good (bass, guitar, harmonica, vocals), Lester Goldboss (guitar, 1963-?), Paul Wade (drums, 1963-?), Jeff Weinstein (guitar, vocals, ?-1967), Jack Burchall (bass, ?-1967), Roger Deatherage (drums, ?-1967)

The Del-Vetts formed in 1963 in Highland Park, Illinois.


  • “Little Latin Lupe Lu” / “Ram Charger” (1965)
  • “Last Time Around” / “Everytime” (1966)
  • “I Call My Baby STP” / “That’s the Way It Is” (1966)
  • “We Got A Long Way To Go” / “That’s The Way It Is” (1967 • Pride and Joy)
  • “Girl” / “If You’re Ready” (1967 • Pride and Joy)


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