The Danse Society

The Danse Society were an English goth-rock/ethereal band that issued a string of shortplayers on self-press Society Records circa 1981/82, culminating with the mini-album Seduction. In 1983, the band’s second Society full-length Heaven Is Waiting was distributed on Arista. Several further singles preceded the band’s final album of the period, Looking Through, in 1986.

Members: Steve Rawlings (vocals, 1980-87, 2009-10), Paul Nash (guitar, 1980-86, 2009-present), Tim Wright (bass, 1980-86), Lyndon Scarfe (keyboards, 1981-83), Paul Gilmartin (drums, 1983-86, 2009-present)


  • “Clock” / “Continent” (1981)
  • “Womans Own” / “We’re So Happy” (1982)
  • Seduction (1982)
  • “Somewhere” / “Hide” / “The Theme” (1982)
  • Heaven Is Waiting (1983)
  • Looking Through (1986)

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