The Dancing Did

The Dancing Did were an English art-punk band from Evesham, Worcestershire, that issued two singles on self-press Fruit & Veg Records circa 1979/80, followed by a standalone single on Stiff in 1981. The band’s singular album, And Did Those Feet, was released on Kamera Records with two accompanying singles in 1982.

Members: Tim Harrison (vocals), Martyn Dormer (guitar, synthesiser, vocals), Ollie Harrison (drums, 1979-?), Chris Houghton (drums), Peter Barry (drums), Dick Crazies [Mick Davies] (bass), Stuart Dyke (bass, ?-1981), John Wallin (bass, 1981), Roger Smith (bass, 1981-83)


  • “The Dancing Did” / “Lorry Pirates” (1979)
  • “The Haunted Tea Rooms” / “Squashed Things on the Road” (1980)
  • “The Lost Platoon” / “The Human Chicken” (1981)
  • “Badger Boys” / “The World’s Gonna End in Cheltenham (1982)
  • “The Green Man and the March of the Bungalows” / “A Fruit Picking Fantasy (The Time Bo Diddley Came to Evesham)” (1982)
  • And Did Those Feet (1982)

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