The Cyrkle

The Cyrkle was an American pop-rock band that released the 1966–67 Columbia albums Red Rubber Ball and Neon and made soundtrack music for the 1969 erotic thriller The Minx. Their best-known songs are “Turn Down Day,” “Don’t Cry, No Fears, No Tears Comin’ Your Way,” and the Paul Simon-penned “Red Rubber Ball.” They were the only US act overseen by Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

Members: Don Dannemann (vocals, guitar), Tom Dawes (vocals, guitar, bass, sitar), Earl Pickens (keyboards), Marty Fried (drums, percussion, vocals), Michael Losekamp (keyboards)

The Cyrkle formed in 1961 in Easton, Pennsylvania.


  • Red Rubber Ball (1966)
  • Neon (1967)
  • The Minx [OST] (1969)


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