The Cult

The Cult were an English hard-rock/goth band that initially came together in 1983 as Death Cult, which evolved from vocalist Ian Astbury’s prior band the Southern Death Cult. The band issued two shortplayers on small-press Situation Two as Death Cult before shortening their name to The Cult for a run of six albums on Beggars Banquet between 1984 and 1994.

Members: Ian Astbury (lead vocals), Billy Duffy (guitar), Jamie Stewart (bass, rhythm guitar, 1984-90), Nigel Preston (drums, 1984-85), Les Warner (drums, 1985-88), Kid Chaos [Stephen Harris] (bass, 1986-88)


  • Death Cult (EP, 1983)
  • Dreamtime (1984)
  • Love (1985)
  • Electric (1987)
  • Sonic Temple (1989)

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