The Cryan’ Shames

The Cryan’ Shames were an American garage-rock band that released three 1966–68 albums on Columbia. Their first two singles, “I Wanna Meet You” and the (Searchers cover) “Sugar and Spice,” were Top 5 hits in the Chicago area. Guitarist–keyboardist Isaac Guillory later backed Al Stewart and joined the international jazz-funk ensemble Pacific Eardrum.

Members: Tom Doody (vocals), J.C. Hooke [Jim Pilster] (percussion, vocals, conga, tambourine), Gerry Stone [aka Stonehenge] (guitar, 1966), Dave Purple [aka Grape] (guitar, vocals, 1966), Jim Fairs (bass, flute, guitar, vocals, 1966-68), Dennis Conroy (drums, vocals, 1966-68), Isaac Guillory (guitar, bass, keyboards, 1966-69), Lenny Kerley (guitar, bass, vocals, 1966-69), Dave Carter (guitar, bass, 1968-69), Al Dawson (drums, vocals, 1968-69), Ron Kaplan (drums, vocals, 1969)

The Cryan’ Shames formed in 1966 in Hinsdale, Illinois.


  • Sugar & Spice (1966)
  • A Scratch in the Sky (1967)
  • Synthesis (1968)


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