The Counts

The Counts were an American soul-funk band from Detroit that began life as The Fabulous Counts, releasing the album Jan Jan under that name on Cotillion in 1969. After dropping “Fabulous” from the name, the band released the album What’s Up Front That Counts on Westbound in 1971. A string of singles followed under the aliases Bad Smoke and Lunar Funk before the band reverted back to The Counts for two further albums on Aware Records between 1973 and 1975.

Members: Demo Cates, Leroy Emmanuel, Mose Davis, Andreau Gibsont


  • Jan Jan (1969 • The Fabulous Counts)
  • What’s Up Front That Counts (1971)
  • “Crawl Y’all (Part I)” / “Crawl Y’all (Part II)” (1971 • Bad Smoke)
  • “Mr. Penguin (Pt. I)” / “Mr. Penguin (Pt. II)” (1972 • Lunar Funk)
  • “Slip the Drummer One” / “Space Monster” (1972 • Lunar Funk)
  • Love Sign (1973)
  • Funk Pump (1975)

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