The Comsat Angels

The Comsat Angels were an English ethereal-rock/psych band from Sheffield that debuted with a single on self-press Junta Records in 1979, followed by three albums and assorted shortplayers on Polydor between 1980 and 1982. A switch to upstart Jive Records yielded two albums between 1983 and 1985, followed by a sixth studio longplayer on Island in 1986.

Members: Stephen Fellows (guitar, vocals), Kevin Bacon (bass), Mik Glaisher (drums), Andy Peake (keyboards, vocals), Simon Anderson (guitar, 1993-95), Terry Todd (bass, 1993-95)

The Comsat Angels formed in 1978 Sheffield as Radio Earth, comprised of guitarist/singer Stephen Fellows, bassist Kevin Bacon, drummer Mik Glaisher, and keyboardist Andy Peake, all newcomers to the scene. They changed their name after a stylistic rethink, prompted by an early gig where they opened for dada-punks Pere Ubu.

In 1979, they debuted with the red-vinyl maxi-single “Red Planet” (b/w “I Get Excited” / “Specimen No. 2”), released on self-press Junta Records. It lists the band as Com-Sat Angels with the members identified as Stephen Even (Fellows), Dresden (Bacon), Michael Spencer-Farquahar (Glaisher), and The Jazz Orange (Peake).

On September 25, 1979, they did their first session for BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, performing the songs “Ju Ju Money” and “Independence Day.” This caught the attention of Polydor A&R man Frank Neilson, who signed them to a three-album deal.


  • “Red Planet” / “I Get Excited” / “Specimen No. 2” (1979)
  • Waiting for a Miracle (1980)
  • Total War (EP, 1980)
  • Eye of the Lens (EP, 1981)
  • Sleep No More (1981)
  • Fiction (1982)
  • Enz (comp, 1982)
  • Land (1983)
  • 7 Day Weekend (1985)
  • Chasing Shadows (1986)


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