The Colourfield

The Colourfield were an English sophisti-pop band that released two albums and assorted singles on Chrysalis between 1984 and 1987. The band featured ex-Specials/Fun Boy Three vocalist Terry Hall and onetime Swinging Cats guitarist/keyboardist Toby Lyons. Initially a trio, the band were joined in 1986 by former Teardrop Explodes drummer Gary Dwyer.

Members: Terry Hall (vocals, guitar), Karl Shale (bass), Toby Lyons (guitar, keyboards), Gary Dwyer (drums, 1986-87)


  • The Colour Field (EP, 1984)
  • “Windmills of Your Mind” / “Take” (1984)
  • Virgins and Philistines (1985)
  • “Things Could Be Beautiful” / “Frosty Mornings” / “Pushing Up the Daisies” / “Yours Sincerely” (1986)
  • Deception (1987)

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