The City

The City were an American folk-pop trio from Los Angeles that released the album Now That Everything’s Been Said on Ode Records in 1968. The band featured once-and-future James Taylor-sideman Danny Kortchmar, who would also play guitar in the jazz-rock combos The Section and Attitudes during the 1970s.

Pianist/singer Carole King was already established as one of the Brill Building’s biggest songwriters. She followed The City with a highly successful career as a solo artist.

Bassist Charles Larkey hailed from politi-folk satirists The Fugs, where he first linked with Kortchmar. The two continued their partnership in popsters Jo Mama, releasing two albums in 1970/71. Larkey also played on most of King’s ’70s-era releases.


Members: Charles Larkey (bass), Danny Kortchmar (guitar, vocals), Carole King (piano, vocals)


  • Now That Everything’s Been Said (1968)

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