The Call

The Call were an American melodic-rock band from Santa Cruz, Calif., that released three albums on Mercury between 1982 and 1984, followed by two albums apiece on Elektra and MCA between 1986 and 1990. Bassist/frontman Michael Been hailed from the bands Lovecraft and Fine Wine and did session work for CCM artists during the 1970s.

Members: Scott Musick (drums, percussion, vocals), Tom Ferrier (guitar, vocals), Michael Been (vocals, guitar, bass, 1980-2000), Greg Freeman (bass, 1980-84), Joe Read (bass, 1984-86), Jim Goodwin (keyboards, vocals, 1984-2000)


  • The Call (1982)
  • Modern Romans (1983)
  • Scene Beyond Dreams (1984)
  • Reconciled (1986)
  • Into the Woods (1987)
  • Let the Day Begin (1989)
  • Red Moon (1990)

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