The Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band

The Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band (BB&Q) were an American soul-funk band whose members hailed from the three namesake boroughs of N.Y.C. The band released three albums on Capitol between 1981 and 1983, followed by a fourth and final album on Elektra/Pretty Pearl in 1985.

Members: Kevin Nance (keyboards, 1981-82), Ike Floyd (lead vocals, 1981), Paris Ford (bass, 1981), Abdul Wali (guitar, 1981), Dwayne Perdue (drums, 1981), Kevin Robinson (lead vocals, 1982-83), Chieli Minucci (guitar, 1982-83), Tony Bridges (bass, 1982-83), Bernard Davis (drums, 1983), Kae Williams Jr. (synthesizer, 1985), Timmy Allen (bass, 1985), Mike Campbell (guitar, 1985), Curtis Hairston (lead vocals, 1985)


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