The Brains

The Brains were an American new wave band from Georgia that released the 1978 independent single “Money Changes Everything” (later covered by Cyndi Lauper) and the 1980–81 Mercury albums The Brains and Electronic Eden. After their 1982 EP Dancing Under Streetlights, guitarist Rick Price became the bassist of Georgia Satellites.

Members: Tom Gray (vocals, keyboards), Rick Price (guitar, vocals), Bryan Smithwick (bass), Charles Wolff (drums), Mauro Magellan (drums), Keith Christopher (bass)


The Brains formed in 1978 when singer–keyboardist and songwriter Tom Gray (b. June 3, 1951; Washington, D.C.) teamed with bassist Bryan Smithwick, drummer Charles Wolff, and guitarist Rick Price. Wolff cut two prior albums with the country-rock bands Rosebud (Are Ya Crackin’?, 1975) and Thermos Greenwood (Pin Head Teddy, 1978).


  • The Brains (1980)
  • Electronic Eden (1981)
  • Dancing Under Streetlights (EP, 1982)


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