The Bluebells

The Bluebells were a Scottish new wave folk-pop band that charted with the 1983–84 singles “Cath,” “Sugar Bridge (It Will Stand),” “I’m Falling,” and the twice-charted “Young at Heart.” They released one proper album, Sisters, but recorded numerous songs and demos compiled on Exile on Twee Street: Songs From Glasgow 1980-1982.

Members: Robert Hodgens (guitar), Ken McCluskey (vocals, harmonica), David McCluskey (drums), Russell Irvin (guitar, 1980-?), Lawrence Donegan (bass, 1980-?), Neil Baldwin (bass), Craig Gannon (guitar)

The Bluebells formed in Glasgow in 1980 when guitarist–songwriter Robert Hodgens teamed with the McCluskey brothers: singer–harpist Ken and drummer David.


  • The Bluebells (EP, 1983)
  • Sisters (1984)
  • Exile on Twee Street: Songs From Glasgow 1980-1982 (2014)


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