The Blue Aeroplanes

The Blue Aeroplanes were an English underground rock band that released the 1984 album Bop Art on the Abstract Sounds label, followed by the 1986–87 Fire Records titles Tolerance and Spitting Out Miracles, plus multiple EPs and singles compiled on Friendloverplane.

Members: Gerard Langley (vocals, percussion, effects, electronics, drums), Wojtek Dmochowski (dancing, percussion), John Langley (drums, percussion, backing vocals, keyboards, piano, organ, guitar, bass, 1981-90), Nick Jacobs (guitar, slide guitar, bass, vocals, feedback, 1981-88), Ian Kearey (guitar, 12-string guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, organ, epinette des vosges, autoharp, dulcimer, harmonium, 1981-83), Christian Clarke (bass, organ, 1981-82), Charlie Llewellin (percussion, 1981-82), John Stapleton (tape, turntables, 1983-88), Simon Heathfield (bass, 1983-85), Dave Chapman (guitar, bass, mandolin, clarinet, piano, harmonica, koto, gong, backing vocals, 1985-87), Angelo Bruschini (guitar, slide guitar, bass, organ, keyboards, accordion, backing vocals, 1983-85, 1987-92), Caroline Halcrow [aka Caroline Trettine] (guitar, vocals, 1983-85), Richard Bell (guitar, piano, keyboards, backing vocals, 1985-88), Ruth Cochrane (bass, mandolin, backing vocals, 1985-88), Bill Bell (violin, mandolin, backing vocals, 1987), Rodney Allen (guitar, vocals, 1988-98), Andy McCreeth (bass, backing vocals, 1988-1992), Alex Lee (guitar, backing vocals, electric sitar, piano, organ, drums, 1989-91)

The Blue Aeroplanes formed in 1983 from the ashes of Art Objects, a Bristol post-punk band with singer Gerard Langley, drummer John Langley, and dancer Wojtek Dmochowski. The Art Objects released the 1980 singles “Hard Objects” and “Showing Off to Impress the Girls” and the 1981 album Bagpipe Music on local indie Heartbeat Records.


  • Bop Art (1984)
  • Tolerance (1986)
  • Spitting Out Miracles (1987)


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