The Blech

The Blech were a German avant-garde/art-rock band that released three albums on Heute between 1985 and 1989, followed by a final album on JARO Medien in 1992.

Members: Hubl Greiner (drums), Rupert Volz [aka Der Volz] (guitar, trumpet, vocals), Therofal (bass, piano, vocals, 1986-89), Bagdad (violin, bass, 1987), Helmut Bieler-Wendt (violin, piano, 1989-96), Shirley Anne Hofmann (piano, accordion, trombone, euphonium, sousaphone, vocals, 1990-93), Sandra Coutinho (bass, vocals, 1991), Jens Volk (bass, 1991-94)


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