The Bible

The Bible was an English sophisti-pop band that charted with “Graceland” and “Mahalia” from their 1986 indie album Walking the Ghost Back Home. Steve Earle produced their acclaimed 1988 Chrysalis release Eureka, including the UK hit “Crystal Palace.”

Members: Boo Hewerdine (vocals, guitar), Dave Larcombe (drums), Neill MacColl (guitar, mandolin), Tony Shepherd (keyboards, percussion), Leroy Lendor (bass)


The Bible assembled in 1985 when Cambridge guitarist–singer Boo Hewerdine formed a songwriting partnership with keyboardist–percussionist Tony Shepherd. 

Hewerdine (b. February 14, 1961) gained vast music knowledge as a warehouse employee of the UK music retailer Andy’s Records. He joined The Great Divide, which released the 1982 single “Who Broke the Love Bank” (b/w “Bless My Soul”) on local-press Wimp Records. The Great Divide signed with Ensign for the 1983 singles “Money and Time” and “Whispered In Heaven,” the latter a minor funk-pop hit. They disbanded after the 1984 Blue Murder 12″ “It’s Got to Be Love.”

Shepherd hailed from local jazz and post-punk bands, including Wimp recording artists The Wobbly Jellies, which issued the 1984 single “MAGIC” (b/w “CooL! BREEZE”).

On Hewerdine’s savings, the pair recorded the first Bible album with bassist Clive Lawson, Great Divide saxophonist Kevin Flanagan, and Roaring Boys drummer Dave Larcombe.


  • Walking the Ghost Back Home (1986)
  • Honey Be Good (EP, 1988)
  • Eureka (1988)


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