The Bards

The Bards were an American pop-psych band from Moses Lake, Wash., that released three singles on local-press Piccadilly in 1966/67, followed by further singles on Capitol and Parrot over the ensuing four-year period. In 1968, the band recorded an album that was ultimately released on the CD Resurrect the Moses Lake Recordings, issued in 2002 by archivists Gear Fab.

Members: Mike Balzotti (keyboards, vocals), Bob Gallaway (drums, vocals), Mardi Sheridan (guitar, vocals), Chuck Warren (bass, vocals)

Singles discography:

  • “The Owl and the Pussycat” / “Light of Love” (1966)
  • “My Generation” / “Jabberwocky” (1967)
  • “Never Too Much Love” / “Light of Love” (1967)
  • “Never Too Much Love” / “The Jabberwocky” (1967)
  • “Ooblek” / “Moses” (1969 • Moses Lake)
  • “Tunesmith” / “Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues” (1969)
  • “Our Love” / “Jubilation” (1970)
  • “Walla Walla” / “Day by Day” (1970)
  • “I Want You” / “Freedom Catcher” (1971)

Albums discography:

  • Resurrect the Moses Lake Recordings (2004, recorded 1968)

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