The Balloon Farm

The Balloon Farm was an American garage-rock band that released two 1967–68 singles on Laurie Records, including the fuzz-psych classic “A Question of Temperature.” They also recorded as Adam and The Huck Finn.

Members: Mike Appel, Don Henny, Jay Saks, Ed Schnug

The Balloon Farm evolved from Adam, a New York combo that cut the single “Eve” on Mala, a subsidiary of Bell Records.


  • “Eve” / “Where Has My Little Girl Gone” (1966 • Adam)
  • “A Question of Temperature” / “Hurtin’ for Your Love” (1967)
  • “Hurry Up Sundown” / “Farmer Brown” (1968)
  • “Two of a Kind” / “We’ll Catch the Sun” (1968 • The Huck Finn)


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