The Armoury Show

The Armoury Show was a British new wave rock band that released the album Waiting for the Floods on Parlophone in 1985. They were a supergroup comprised of ex-members of the Skids and Magazine.

Members: Richard Jobson (vocals), Russell Webb (bass), John McGeoch (guitar, 1983-86), John Doyle (drums, 1983-86), Ray McVeigh (guitar, 1986), Ray Weston (drums, 1986-88), Dave Lockwood (guitar, 1986-88)

The Armoury Show was conceived in 1983 as a studio collective by two parties: guitarist John McGeoch and drummer John Doyle, both formerly of English post-punks Magazine; and singer Richard Jobson and bassist Russell Webb of the recently disbanded Scottish band the Skids.


  • Waiting for the Floods (1985)


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