The Alan Bown Set

The Alan Bown Set were an English soul-rock/psych ensemble that released seven singles on Pye between 1965 and 1967, followed by five further singles on MCA and Deram in 1968/69. The band’s first album, Outward Bown, appeared on Music Factory in early 1968, followed by a self-titled longplayer on Deram in 1969. Two further albums appeared on Island in 1970/71. The band featured a revolving-door lineup that served as a launching pad for the careers of vocalists Jess Roden and Robert Palmer, who respectively sung on the band’s first and second albums.

Members: Alan Bown (trumpet), Vic Sweeney (drums, 1965-72), Jeff Bannister (keyboards, vocals, 1965-71), Stan Haldane (bass, 1965-70), Dave Green (saxophone, clarinet, flute, 1965-66), Pete Burgess (guitar, 1965-66), John Anthony [John A. Helliwell] (saxophone, 1966-72), Jess Roden (vocals, 1966-69), Tony Catchpole (guitar, 1966-71), Robert Palmer (vocals, 1969-70), Gordon Neville (vocals, 1970-72), Andy Brown (bass, 1970-71), Dougie Thomson (bass, 1971-72), Derek Griffiths (guitar, 1971-72), Dave Lawson (keyboards, 1972), Tony Dangerfield (bass, 1972), Frank White (guitar, 1972), Nick Payn [Nick Payne] (saxophone, flute, 1972), Alan Coulter (drums, 1972), Pete Goodall (guitar, 1972)

Formed in 1965 with a lineup featuring woodwinds, brass, and organ in addition to standard rock instrumentation, the Alan Bown Set initially sat midway between the R&B/beat principles of the Graham Bond Organization and the jazz framework of The Peddlers



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