The Aerovons

The Aerovons were an American pop-psych band from St. Louis that released two singles on Parlophone (U.K.) in 1968/69. An album’s worth of material from this period was ultimately released in 2003 by archivists RPM.

Members: Tom Hartman (guitar, piano, vocals), Dave Schirmer (bass, 1966-67), Bob Frank (guitar, 1966-68), Gary (drums, 1966-67), Mike Lombardo (drums, 1967-69), Nolan Mendelhall (bass, 1967-68), Phil Edholm (guitar, 1968-69), Billy Lombardo (bass, 1968-69)


  • “The Train” / “A Song for Jane” (1969)
  • “World of You” / “Say Georgia” (1969)
  • Resurrection (2003, )

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