Teru’s Symphonia

Teru’s Symphonia were a Japanese symphonic-rock band that debuted with an album on Nexus in 1985, followed by two discs on the Crime label during the late 1980s and another pair of titles on Made in Japan in the early ’90s. Later in that second decade, a final pair of discs appeared on Musea, which subsequently reissued some of the band’s earlier titles.

Members: Terutsugu Hirayama (guitar), Tokuhisa Megumi (vocals), Jutaro Ohkubo (bass), Junichi Sato (drums), Shouichi Aoki (keyboards), Chiezo (keyboards), Yasushi Inoue (bass), Hideaki Furui (drums), Sunao Hikida (drums), Motoi Semba (keyboards), Shoichi Aoki (keyboards)


  • Symphonia (1985)
  • Egg the Universe (1988)
  • Human Race Party (1989)
  • Fable on the Seven Pillows (七つの夜の物語) (1991)
  • ぜんまい仕掛けの地球 (Zenmaijikake no Chikyū) [Clockworked Earth] (1993)
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Camel? (1997)
  • The Gate (1999)

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