Teruo Nakamura

Teruo Nakamura — 中村照夫 (born March 3, 1942) — is a Japanese jazz bassist who released three albums between 1973 and 1977 on Three Blind Mice and Kitty, followed by a trio of titles on Agharta at the turn of the 1980s. Most of his post-1976 releases feature backing by the Rising Sun Band.


  • Unicorn (1973)
  • Rising Sun (1976)
  • Manhattan Special (1977)
  • Big Apple (1979)
  • Rising Sun Band at Carnegie Hall (1979)
  • Route 80 (1981)

1 thought on “Teruo Nakamura

  1. I saw you at a Jazz Club in Queens in 1975
    I bought your albums
    Rising Sun (1976)
    Manhattan Special (1977)
    Teruo Nakamura & Superfriends (Rising Sun Band)* – Wind Smile (1990)
    I have always wanted them on CD’s or MP3
    Please inform me as to where I can purchase them

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