Telegraph Avenue

Telegraph Avenue were a Peruvian psychedelic hard-rock band that was intermittently active during the first half of the 1970s. The band released their eponymous debut on Mag in 1971, followed by a brief interruption where half the band got absorbed into Lima competitors Tarkus. The second Telegraph Avenue album appeared in 1975, after which political tensions brought the band to a fold.

Members: Bo Ichikawa (guitar, harmonica, xylophone, piano, vocals), Alex Nathanson (bass, acoustic guitar, clavichord, piano, vocals), Walo Carrillo (drums, percussion, maracas, tambourine, vocals), Chachi Lujan (electric guitar, bongos, congas, piano, vocals)


  • Telegraph Avenue (1971)
  • Volumen 2 (1975)

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