Taurus were a Dutch symphonic-rock band from Haarlem that released a standalone single on Mercury in 1980, followed by the album Illusions of a Night on Multi Records in 1981. Earlier recordings by the band were later released on the archival disc Works 1976-1981.

Members: Rob Spierenburg (keyboards), Martin Scheffer (vocals, guitar, 1976-82), Piet Traanberg (bass, 1976-79), Dennis Plantenga (drums, 1977-80, 1985-94), Theo de Jong (bass, 1979-80), Jos Schild (bass, double bass, 1980-present), Rex Stulp (drums, 1980-81), Kees Wassenaar (drums, 1981-84), John Philippo (vocals, 1982-2000), Willem van Eijk (guitar, 1985-86), Spike Wolters (guitar, 1991-94), Roy Darman (drums, 1994-present)


  • “Meadow (See You Again)” / “Undiscovered” (1980)
  • Illusions of a Night (1981)
  • “So Long Christi-Ann” / “Friends for Life” (1985)
  • Works 1976-1981 (1990)
  • On a Journey (1994)

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