Tarantula was an American psychedelic rock band that released a 1969 self-titled album on A&M, produced by Chad Stuart of Chad & Jeremy. Bassist Oz Bach hailed from Spanky & Our Gang and Wings.

Members: Tom Grasso (keyboards, vocals), Mike Edelman ([electric] flute, saxophone, vocals), Steve Swirn (drums), Oz Bach (bass, vocals), Thad Maxwell (guitar, vocals)

Tarantula formed when Bach teamed with guitarist Thad Maxwell, keyboardist Tom Grasso, reedist Mike Edelman, and drummer Steve Swirn.

Bach started in comedy and entered music as a backing bassist. In 1966, he formed Spanky & Our Gang, a harmony pop band with singer Elaine “Spanky” McFarlane. After their 1967 self-titled album on Mercury, he departed for Wings, a Bay Area folk-rock band that made a 1968 eponymous album on Dunhill. In Tarantula, he moved into heavy psych-rock territory with four musical newcomers.


  • Tarantula (1969)


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