Tamam Shud

Tamam Shud were an Australian psych-rock band from Sydney that released the album Evolution on CBS in 1969, followed by the sophomoric Goolutionites and the Real People on Warner Bros. in 1970.

Members: Bjerre (guitar, vocals), Peter Barron (bass), Dannie Davidson (drums, 1967-70), Tim Gaze (guitar, vocals, 1970-72, 1994-95), Bobby Gebert (keyboards, 1971), Richard Lockwood (saxophone, flute, clarinet, 1972), Nigel Macara (drums, 1970-72, 1994-95), Kevin Sinott (drums, 1970), Kevin Stevenson (reeds, 1970), Alex “Zac” Zytnic (guitar, 1967-70), Larry Duryea [aka Larry Taylor] (percussion, 1970-72)


  • Evolution (1969)
  • Goolutionites and the Real People (1970)
  • Bali Waters (EP, 1972)

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