Tako were a Yugoslav symphonic/space-rock band from Beograd, Serbia, that issued a self-titled album on ZKP RTVLJ in 1978, followed by the RTB-release U Vreći za Spavanje in 1980. Both albums were reissued with bonus tracks and alternate cover art by Kalemegdan Disk during the early 1990s.

Members: Dušan Ćućuz [aka Dule] (bass, vocals), Đorđe Ilijin (keyboards, flute, harp), Sava Bojić (guitar, vocals, 1975-77), Milan Lolić [aka Mića Žorž] (drums, 1975-77), Miroslav Dukić (guitar, vocals, 1977-81), Slobodan Felekatović (drums, 1977-81)


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