Taggett were an English rustic rock band that was briefly active during the mid-1970s. Comprised of seasoned journeymen — one fresh from a stint with the latter-day Hollies, from where he took the name-inspiring song “Delaware Taggett and the Outlaw Boys” — the band released a self-titled album on United Artists in 1975.

Members: Peter “Pete” Arnesen (keyboards, vocals), Colin Horton-Jennings (lead vocals), Tony Hicks (guitar), Terry Fogg (drums), Tim Wheatley (bass, vocals)

Vocalist Colin Horton-Jennings had played flute and acoustic guitar on two albums with The Greatest Show on Earth. Arneson had done time with If and Daddy Longlegs, in addition to The Hollies. Tim Wheatley was a member of Gracious for their two-album run. Ubiquitous sessioner Pete Wingfield also contributed to Taggett as a guest pianist.


  • Taggett (1975)

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