T-Connection were a Nassau, Bahamas, funk band that released eight albums between 1977 and 1984. During the last three years of the ’70s, the band recorded four albums for T.K.-subsidiary Dash, scoring hits abroad with “Do What You Wanna Do” and “At Midnight.” A switch to Capitol generated four further albums during the early ’80s.

Members: T. Coakley (vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion), Kurt Coakley (bass, backing vocals), Berkley Van Byrd (drums, backing vocals), Monty Brown (guitars, backing vocals), Tony Flowers (percussion, backing vocals)


  • Magic (1977)
  • On Fire (1977)
  • T-Connection (1978)
  • Totally Connected (1979)
  • Everything Is Cool (1981)
  • Pure & Natural (1982)
  • The Game of Life (1983)
  • Take It to the Limit (1984)

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