Syrius were a Hungarian jazz-rock band that was active through numerous lineups for 16 years, starting in 1962. The band appeared as Syrius Együttes on a string of split-singles released by Qualiton during the late 1960s. Between 1972 and 1976, the band released two albums on Pepita. Keyboardist Jackie Orszáczky departed for Australia after the first album to head his own jazz-rock combo.

Members: Zsolt Baronits (tenor saxophone), Ákos Molnár (alto saxophone, 1962-68, 1974-77), László Rákosi (guitar, 1962-68), Pál Gulyás (piano, 1962-63), István Pásztor (guitar, 1962-63), István Németh (drums, 1962-63), László Pápai Faragó (vocals, organ, 1966-68), Dénes Varga (bass, 1966-68), Lajos Fehér (drums, 1966-68), András Veszelinov (drums, 1968-77), László Pataki (organ, 1968-74), László Mogyorósi (guitar, 1968), Miklós Orszáczky [aka Jackie Orszáczky] (bass, vocals, 1968-73), Tamás Barta (guitar, 1969), Mihály Ráduly (flute, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, 1970-73), Tibor Tátrai (guitar, 1972-73, 1974-76), Lajos Miklóska (bass, 1973-74), Tamás Turai (vocals, 1974-76), Károly Friedrich (trombone, 1973-77), Endre Sipos (trumpet, 1974-77), Ottó Schöck (organ, 1975-76), János Halász (vocals, 1976-77), Ottó Ullmann (bass, 1976-77)


  • Az ördög álarcosbálja / Devil’s Masquerade (1972)
  • Széttört álmok (1976)

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