Symphonic Slam

Symphonic Slam were a Canadian maximalist rock band that released a self-titled album on A&M in 1976. Two years later, frontman Timo Laine issued a solo album on Lady Records that bore the band’s nameplate.

Members: Timo Laine (guitar, vocals), John Lowery (drums), David Stone (keyboards)


  • Symphonic Slam (1976)
  • Timo SS II (1978 • Timo Laine – Symphonic Slam)

1 thought on “Symphonic Slam

  1. “Timo played a ‘360 Systems Guitar Synthesizer’. A normal guitar with a special pickup that was a pitch to voltage converter. This was hooked up to 6 separate synthesizer modules. David Stone played 2 Mini-Moogs, a Minikorg, 2 Mellotrons, Arp String Ensemble, Arp Omni, Fender Rhodes, grand piano, clavinet, organ, and Moog bass pedals on this album. He played most of the bass lines with his left hand on either a mini-moog or minikorg depending on what else he was playing with his right. Some bass lines were done on the Moog/Taurus bass pedals. The band sounded a lot better live, as it was impossible to capture their dynamics on record. A lot of what you are thinking is keyboard synthesizer is actually Timo.” – Ed Maile, YouTube

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