Swollen Monkeys

The Swollen Monkeys were an American New Wave/avant-jazz band from Akron, Ohio, that released the album After Birth of the Cool in 1981, followed by the 1982 EP On Vacation, both on NYC small-press Cachalot Records. The band was led by ex-Tin Huey saxophonist Ralph Carney, who concurrently played with local pop act The Waitresses and transatlantic electro combo Labatomy.



  • After Birth of the Cool (1981)
  • On Vacation (EP, 1982)

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  1. The actual bio for Swollen Monkeys:
    Formed at Ornette Coleman’s, Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, New York.
    Originally called
    Mindcontrol Salsa.
    Produced by Hal Willner.
    Featured: Ralph Carney,
    Mars Williams, Don Davis, Otto Kentrol, Dave Buck, Tony Mindcontrole,
    Mark Kramer,Chris Morgan, Dan Klayman and Ted Orr. Some members also played with: the B52s, the Waitresses, the Psychedelic Furs, John Zorn, Futu Futu,the Microscopic Septet,
    Plastic Domingo, Bong Water,.. In the 90s Tony formed Swollen Monkeys on Mind control Salsa.
    Featuring: Steve Gluzband, Bruford O Sullivan,Eric Dellapena, David Lugo, Amit Shamir, Jane Tomkayvich and Tony Mindcontrole
    Produced by Tony Villodas

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