Swell Maps

The Swell Maps were an English art-punk band from Solihull that issued a three-song single on self-press Rather in 1978, followed by two albums and four shortplayers on Rough Trade during 1979 and 1980.

Members: Nikki Sudden (vocals, backing vocals, guitar, piano, saxophone, percussion, harmonica, handclaps, balloon), Epic Soundtracks (piano, drums, organ, bass, bass synth, backing vocals, violin, xylophone, saxophone, handclaps, bells, balloon), Phones Sportsman [David Barrington] (bass, guitar, cymbal, jew’s harp, vocals, backing vocals), Jowe Head (bass, guitar, backing vocals, vocals, harmonica, cymbal, saxophone, handclaps, vacuum cleaner, balloon), John “Golden” Cockrill (guitar, bass, backing vocals, 1974-80), Biggles Books [Richard Earl] (guitar, backing vocals, organ, xylophone, handclaps, vacuum cleaner, balloon, 1975-80)


  • “Read About Seymour” / “Ripped & Torn” / “Black Velvet” (1978)
  • A Trip to Marineville (1979)
  • At Home With Jowe Head (EP, 1979)
  • “Dresden Style” / “Ammunition Train” / “Full Moon” (1979)
  • “Real Shocks” / “English Verse” / “Monologues” (1979)
  • “Let’s Build a Car” / “Big Maz in the Country” / “…Then Poland” (1980)
  • …In “Jane From Occupied Europe” (1980)

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