Swans Way

Swans Way as an English sophisti-pop trio that released the 1982 standalone single “Theme From the Balcony,” followed by the 1984 Phonogram album The Fugitive Kind. Singer–percussionist Maggie De Monde and bassist Rick P. Jones formed the subsequent dance-pop act Scarlet Fantastic.

Members: Rick P. Jones (double bass), Robert Shaw (vocals), Maggie De Monde (percussion, vocals)

Formation, First Single

Swans Way formed in Birmingham in 1982 when singer Robert Shaw teamed with De Monde and Jones, who played jazz contrabass.

On September 3, 1982, Swans Way released the single “Theme From the Balcony” backed with “Vibration Hoist,” both group-written songs

A1. “Theme From the Balcony” (3:00) The extended 12″ version (6:10).
B1. “Vibration Hoist” (2:45) The 12″ version (5:05).

“Theme From the Balcony” appeared on Exit International, which also issued the April 1982 single “Button Up” (b/w “Räumen”) by the American–German punk-funk band The Bloods.

The Fugitive Kind

Swans Way released their singular album, The Fugitive Kind, in 1984 on Phonogram. It’s titled after the 1960 American drama film starring Marlon Brando as a southern drifter in a strange town.

The Fugitive Kind features more than forty backing players on strings, brass, and rock instruments. Session saxophonist Chris Davis (Chaka Khan, Eurythmics) appears on “Keeping It Strong,” “Club Secrets,” “The Blade,” and the singles “The Anchor” and “Illuminations.” The tracks “Soul Train” and “When the Wild Calls” also appeared as singles.

1. “Soul Train” (3:55) features Turning Point drummer Paul Robinson and a string quintet and brass trio, including saxophonists Alan Wakeman (Rick‘s cousin, ex-Soft Machine) and Larry Stabbins (Centipede, Weekend, Working Week).
2. “Keeping It Strong” (2:59) features a string quartet and the Uptown Horns.
3. “Club Secrets” (5:28) features serial trombonist Ann Whitehead (Fun Boy Three, National Health).
4. “In Trance” (3:59)
5. “Je Joué” (6:31) features string quartet.

6. “The Blade” (6:37) features twelve backing players, including tenor saxist Alan Skidmore, Panguin Cafe violinist Gavyn Wright, and Fairport Convention drummer Dave Mattacks.
7. “The Anchor” (3:26)
8. “When the Wild Calls” (6:13) features the Uptown Horns.
9. “Stay” (3:21)
10. “Illuminations” (3:32)

Artwork, Design – Slap & Tickle
Photography By – Simon Fowler (2)
Composed By – Swans Way

Engineer – Mark Freegard (3-7, 9-10)
Engineer – Neil Black (1)
Engineer – Michael Laskow (2,8)
Producer – John L. Walters (1,6,7,10), Mark Freegard (3-6, 9), Mike Thorne (2,8)

A: The Anchor
B: Keeping It Strong (London Spring Version)

A: When The Wild Calls
B: “Hangover”

A: Soul Train
B: “Gloomy Sunday”

A: Illuminations
B: Illuminations (Instrumental)

  • “Theme From the Balcony” / “Vibration Hoist” (1982)
  • The Fugitive Kind (1984)


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