Supercharge were an English R&B/big band from Liverpool that debuted with an album on Stag Music in 1974, followed by five albums on Virgin between 1976 and 1979. After an album apiece on Criminal Records and Intercord during the 1980–82 period, the band released two live discs and a comeback studio album on Memo Music between 1984 and 1988.

Supercharge was led by saxophonist Albie Donnelly. During the late 1970s, he made appearances on albums by City Boy, Graham Parker, The Boomtown Rats, and The Members. Original drummer Dave Irving departed after four albums to join Sad Café.

Members: Albie Donnelly (vocals, saxophone, flute), Dave Irving (drums, percussion, vocals), Allen “Gaz” Gaskell (tenor saxophone, guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals), Pete Newton (bass), Alan Peters (trumpet), Iain Bradshaw (keyboards), Les Karski (guitar, vocals), Ozzie Yue (guitar, vocals), Tony Dunmore (bass, vocals), Bob Robertson (baritone saxophone, vocals), Andy Parker (vocals, keyboards, tenor saxophone), Mike Snow (trumpet), Dick Hanson (trumpet), John Burke (trumpet), Tony Winders (guitar), Phil Loughran (guitar), Mickey Kearns (baritone saxophone, guitar, vocals), Bob Hardy (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Dave Shepley (guitar, bass, vocals), Paddy Chambers (guitar, vocals), Steve Grant (drums, vocals), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Pete Wilkinson (bass), John ‘”Fat Ted” Lewis (guitar, vocals), Colin Frost (guitar, vocals), Brendan O’Connor (bass, programming), Tony Judge (keyboards, vocals), Steve Snow (trombone), Paul Ambrosius (bass, vocals), Dave Dover (bass), Kenny Shearer (bass), Tony “Trumpo” Peers (trumpet), Steve Crane (trombone, vocals), Mike Crane (trumpet, vocals), Paul Latham (trombone), Graham Price (bass), Lenni Zaksen (tenor saxophone), Terry Kennaugh (guitar), Mal Bowers (keyboards), Paul Hetherington (bass), Dave “The Frug” Hormbrey (drums), Tony Lunney (drums), Greg Barrett (keyboards, vocals), Paul Owens (saxophone, keyboards, vocals), Roy “The Boy” Herrington (guitar, vocals), Jürgen “Big Jay” Wieching (saxophone), “Crazy” George Mahr (Hammond organ, keyboards), Tommy Schneller (tenor saxophone, vocals), Mike Rafelcyk (trombone, blues harp, vocals), Sasha Kühn (organ, piano), Wolfgang “Bolle” Diekmann (bass), Uwe Petersen (drums)


  • Between Music and Madness (1974)
  • Local Lads Make Good (1976)
  • Supercharge (1976)
  • Horizontal Refreshment (1977)
  • I Think I’m Gonna Fall (In Love) (1978)
  • Body Rhythm (1979)
  • Now Jump (1980)
  • King Size (1981)
  • Bad, Mad & Dangerous (1987)

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