Stump was an EnglishIrish avant-rock band that released the 1985–86 zolo EPs Mud On a Colon and Quirk Out, followed by the 1988 Ensign album A Fierce Pancake. Bassist Kev Hopper launched a solo career.

Members: Kev Hopper (bass), Robert McKahey (drums), Chris Salmon (guitar), Mick Lynch (vocals)

Mud On a Colon

In November 1985, Stump debuted with Mud On a Colon on the UK indie Ron Johnson Records.

A1. “Orgasm Way”
A2. “Ice the Levant”
B1. “Grab Hands”
B2. “55-0-55”

Quirk Out

On October 27, 1986, Stump released their second EP, Quirk Out, on Stuff Records.

A1. “Tupperware Stripper”
A2. “Our Fathers”
A3. “Kitchen Table”
B1. “Buffalo”
B2. “Everything In Its Place”
B3. “Bit Part Actor”

In 1987, Chrysalis picked up Quirk Out for distribution in Europe and Australia.

A Fierce Pancake

Stump released their album A Fierce Pancake in 1988 on Ensign–Chrysalis.

A1. “Living It Down”
A2. “In the Green”
A3. “Roll the Bodies Over”
A4. “Bone”
A5. “Eager Bereaver”
A6. “Chaos”
B1. “Alcohol”
B2. “Charlton Heston”
B3. “Heartache”
B4. “Doctor (a Visit to the)”
B5. “A Fierce Pancake”
B6. “Boggy Home”

A1. Chaos
B1. Ice The Levant
B2. “Safe Sex”

June 1988
A. Charlton Heston
B: “Angst Forecast”

November 1988
A. Buffalo
B. “The Song’s Remains”

  • Mud On a Colon (EP, 1985)
  • Quirk Out (EP, 1986)
  • A Fierce Pancake (1988)


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