Strider was an English hard-rock band from London that released the 1973/74 albums Exposed and Misunderstood on GM. The second features ex-Second Hand singer Rob Elliott and ex-Spontaneous Combustion drummer Tony Brock, who went on to The Babys. Keyboardist Ian Kewley cut two mid-70s albums in rustic rockers Limey and later backed Paul Young. Guitarist Gary Grainger joined Rod Stewart‘s 1977–80 backing band.

Members: Gary Grainger (guitar), Ian Kewley (keyboards, vocals), Jim Hawkins (drums, 1972-73), Lee Hunter (bass), Lee Strzelczyk (bass), Tony Brock (drums, vocals, 1973-74), Rob Elliott (vocals, 1974)

Strider formed in London when Grainger and Kewley teamed with bassist Lee Hunter and drummer Jim Hawkins.

Kewley hailed from Samson, a brass-psych band that made the 1969 album Are You Samson, produced by Paul Korda.

Strider signed with GM Records, launched in 1973 by rock manager Billy Gaff (Rod Stewart, Humble Pie, Status Quo). The short-lived label’s roster also included Chris Jagger (brother of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger) and ex-Herd keyboardist–bassist Andy Bown.


  • Exposed (1973)
  • Misunderstood (1974)


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