Streetheart were a Canadian melodic-rock band from Regina, Sask., that released two albums on Atlantic in 1978/79, followed by five studio albums and a live disc on Capitol between 1980 and 1984. Original guitarist Paul Dean left after the first album for international fame with Loverboy.

Members: Kenny Shields (vocals), Ken Sinnaeve (bass), Daryl Gutheil (keyboards), Matt Frenette (drums, 1976-79), Paul Dean (guitar, 1976-78), John Hannah (guitar, 1978-81), Herb Ego (drums), Jeff Neill (guitar), Billy Carmassi (drums)


  • Meanwhile Back in Paris (1978)
  • Under Heaven Over Hell (1979)
  • Drugstore Dancer (1980)
  • Quicksand Shoes (1980)
  • Streetheart (1982)
  • Dancing With Danger (1983)
  • Live After Dark (live, 1983)
  • Buried Treasure (1984)

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