Street was an American soul-rock band from New York City that released a 1968 self-titled album on Verve Forecast.

Members: Michael Lynne (guitar, bass, vocals), Will Betz (bass, guitar), Anya Cohen (vocals, tambourine, percussion), Tom Champion (drums, percussion), John Williamson (guitar, bass, vocals), Al Camardo (percussion)

Street formed as Anya’s Street in 1967 in Manhattan, where barista and occasional solo-acoustic performer Anya Cohen ran the Wee Spot Coffee Shop. One day, customer and erstwhile soul singer Rick Shorter, a budding music manager, proposed she front a rock band. He linked her with bassist Michael Lynne, drummer Thomas Chamon, percussionist Alan Camarda, and guitarists John Williamson and Will Betz.


  • Street (1968)


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