Stray Dog

Stray Dog was an American hard-rock band from Fort Worth, Tex., that released two albums on Manticore in 1973 and 1974.

Members: W.G. Snuffy Walden (guitar, vocals), Les Sampson (drums), Al Roberts (bass, vocals), Timmy Dulaine (guitar, vocals, 1974-76), Luis Cabaza (keyboards, 1974-76)


Stray Dog evolved from the unrecorded an ’70s power-trio called Aphrodite. During a gig in Denver, they were spotted by ELP‘s tour manager and offered a contract with the super-trio’s Manticore label. The newly renamed Stray Dog moved to England and added drummer Les Sampson, formerly of the power-trio Road.

1973: Stray Dog

Stray Dog released their self-titled debut album in 1973. Five of the seven songs were written by singer/guitarist Snuffy Walden, including “Tramp” and “Rocky Mountain Suite (Bad Road).” The tracks “Speak of the Devil” and “Chevrolet” (a ZZ Top cover) were issued as singles. ELP’s Greg Lake produced the album, having done the same for UK power-trio Spontaneous Combustion.

Around the same time, Walden played guitar on side two of the album Heartbreaker by Free. He also played on the first two solo albums by Free-insider and fellow Texan John “Rabbit” Bundrick: Broken Arrows and Dark Saloon.

1974: While You’re Down There

Stray Dog grew to a five piece with the addition of keyboardist Luis Cabaza and second guitarist/vocalist Timmy Dulaine. It was this lineup that recorded While You’re Down There, released in 1974 on Manticore. Dulaine wrote five of the nine songs. His “Junkyard Angel” was released as a 7″ a-side. Walden and bassist Al Roberts got two writing credits each. The album concludes with the 7:14 Snuffy epic “Worldwinds.”

Production chores were split between the band and Austin Godsey (Stevie Wonder, Rufus, Lynyrd Skynyrd). CD reissues of the album contain seven bonus tracks, including “Right Track.” Unreleased live and studio material, recorded circa 1973, was later released on the CD Fasten Your Seat Belts by archivists Renaissance Records.

After Stray Dog

Cabaza later played on albums by Aalon, The Gap Band, Luther Rabb, Gemini, and Maxine Nightingale. Sampson reteamed with Road-mate Noel Redding on the latter’s 1976 release Blowin’.


  • Stray Dog (1973)
  • While You’re Down There (1974)
  • Fasten Your Seat Belts (1993, recorded 1973)


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