Strangeness Beauty

Strangeness Beauty were a Canadian jazz-rock trio that released the album Back to Nowhere on C-note Records in 1982.

Members: David Piltch (bass, percussion), Ron Allen (saxophone, keyboards), Mike Sloski (drums, percussion)

Spliff Tachyon on YouTube said “I absolutely love this album! I can’t say there weren’t any overdubs on the studio album, but I saw them live back in ’82. It was just the three of them onstage and Ron was indeed taking on keyboard and sax duties simultaneously. Along with songs from the album, they played this incredible 20-minute-long piece (a subjective estimate, I didn’t actually time it) called The Dancing Wu Li Masters which was going to be on their second album. Sadly, that album never got made. I would love to get my hands on a live recording of that piece. It’s kind of been a holy grail for me for four decades now.”


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