Storyteller was an English folk-rock band that released the 1970–71 albums Storyteller and More Pages on Transatlantic Records.

Members: Caroline Attard [aka Carolyn Bown] (vocals), Terry Durham (vocals), Roger Moon (guitar, vocals), Mike Rogers (guitar, vocals, 1969-71), Rod Clark (bass, ?-1970), Chris Belshaw (bass, vocals, ?-1971), Henry Spinetti (drums, 1971)


Storyteller surfaced in 1969 on the UK folk circuit. Singer Terry Durham released the 1969 solo album Crystal Telephone on Deram.He was also an accomplished painter with a 1968 exhibition at the Nicholas Treadwell Gallery on Chiltern Street, London.

Bassist Rod Clark served as a temp in the Moody Blues (between the tenures of Clint Warwick and John Lodge) and played on late-sixties pop singles by Particular People, Pennsylvania Sixpence, and The West Coast Delegation.

Singer Caroline Attard hailed from The Other Two, a pop duo that cut three 1964–66 singles on Decca and RCA Victor.

Durham, Clark, and Attard teamed with two newcomers: guitarist–songwriter Roger Moon and steel player Mike Rogers. Storyteller signed with veteran specialty label Transatlantic Records.


Storyteller released their self-titled debut album in July 1970 on Transatlantic. Moon composed Side One and three tracks on Side Two, which also features songs by Clark (“Has Been”) and producer Andy Bown (“Morning Glow,” “Ballad of Old Three-Laps”). Durham added words to “Floor of the Park,” “Man In the Moon Passage Song,” “Story,” and the last four songs.

A1. “Floor of the Park”
A2. “Man In the Moon Passage Song”
A3. “Alice Brown”
A4. “The Lake”
A5. “Ginger Bread Man”
A6. “Over the Hills”
B1. “Story”
B2. “First Week In January”
B3. “Has Been”
B4. “Morning Glow”
B5. “Ballad of Old Three-Laps”
B6. “Song For Buster”
B7. “Love’s Blind”

Bown co-produced Storyteller with former Herd bandmate (and current Humble Pie singer–guitarist) Peter Frampton.

Vocals – Caroline Attard
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Roger Moon
Vocals, Acoustic Finger Style, Steel Guitar – Mike Rogers
Vocals, Cover [Cover Drawing] – Terry Durham
Vocals, Electric Bass – Rodney Clark

After this album, Clark cleared out for bassist Chris Belshaw and Storyteller welcomed a sixth member, drummer Henry Spinetti, a onetime member of John Kongos‘ Scrugg who recently cut an album with Bown in the Herd spinoff Judas Jump.

More Pages

Storyteller released their second album, More Pages, in 1971 on Transatlantic. Producer Andy Bown wrote “Name Certainly Rings a Bell” and collaborated with singer–lyricist Terry Durham on “Night Games,” “Wolf In the Water,” and “Bull Jack.”

Durham lone-wrote “Singular Day” and put words to three songs (“Bosworth Field,” “Laugh That Came Too Soon,” “For You Today”) by Roger Moon, who lone-wrote “Remarkable,” “Beautiful Affair,” “Fall In All Directions,” and “Really – Truly.”

A1. “Night Games”
A2. “Remarkable”
A3. “Bosworth Field”
A4. “Laugh That Came Too Soon”
A5. “Singular Day”
A6. “Beautiful Affair”
B1. “Wolf In the Water”
B2. “Fall In All Directions”
B3. “Name Certainly Rings a Bell”
B4. “Bull Jack”
B5. “For You Today”
B6. “Really – Truly”

Engineer – Jerry Boys

Acoustic Guitar [Finger Style], Vocals – Mike Rogers
Acoustic Guitar [Rhythm], Vocals – Roger Moon
Bass Guitar [Fender], Vocals – Chris Belshaw
Percussion – Henry Spinetti
Vocals – Caroline Attard
Vocals, Painting [Cover] – Terry Durham

Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Harold Becket

Photography By, Cover [Back Cover Conception] – Michael Cole

Transatlantic lifted “Remarkable” as a single (b/w “Bosworth Field”).


Caroline Attard and Chris Belshaw appear on the 1972–73 Andy Bown solo albums Gone To My Head and Sweet William. Attard also appears on the 1972 DJM release Songfall, the third solo album by Phillip Goodhand-Tait. She later appeared in the Elton John Band.

Roger Moon surfaced in 1975 on Capitol Records with the back-to-back solo albums Nobody Knows My Name and Second Class View of Paradise.



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