Stories was an American art-rock/pop band from N.Y.C. that released the 1972/73 albums Stories and About Us on Kama Sutra. After the departure of keyboardist and co-writer Michael Brown, singer Ian Lloyd took rein for the single “Brother Louie” and a third album, Traveling Underground. Brown hailed from baroque pop legends The Left Banke.

Members: Ian Lloyd (bass, vocals), Steve Love (guitar), Bryan Madey (drums), Kenny Aaronson (bass), Michael Brown (vocals, keyboards, 1972-73), Ken Bichel (keyboards, 1973-74)

Stories started in 1971 when bassist Ian Lloyd and keyboardist Michael Brown formed a songwriting partnership.

Lloyd (b. Lloyd Buonconsiglio, 1947, Seattle) had been singing and cutting demos as Lloyd London. Brown (b. Michael Lookofsky, 1949, Brooklyn) recorded the heralded album Walk Away Renée / Pretty Ballerina and several additional singles (“And Suddenly,” “Desiree”) in The Left Banke, followed by one album in Montage. They were introduced by their fathers, veteran session violinists Peter Buonconsiglio and Harry Lookofsky.

Intent on forming a band in the vein of Revolver, they teamed with guitarist Steve Love and drummer Bryan Madey and signed as Stories to the NY-based Kama Sutra label. Concurrently, Love and Madey did session work for rustic label-mates Gunhill Road.


  • Stories (1972)
  • About Us (1973)
  • Traveling Underground (1973 • Ian Lloyd & Stories)


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