Starbuck were an American pop/exotica band from Atlanta that released two albums on Private Stock in 1976 and 1977, followed by a third on United Artists in 1978.

Members: Bruce Blackman (vocals, keyboards), Ron Norris (guitar, vocals, 1974-76), Tommy Strain (lead guitar, 1974-76), Jimmy Cobb (bass, vocals), Sloan Hayes (keyboards, vocals, 1974-78), Bo Wagner (percussion), David Snavely (drums, 1974-76), David Shaver (keyboards, 1976), Ken Crysler (drums, 1976), Darryl Kutz (guitar, harmonica, vocals, 1976-77), John Fristoe (guitar, 1978), John Walker (guitar, 1978), John Furland (1980)


  • Moonlight Feels Right (1976)
  • Rock ‘n Roll Rocket (1977)
  • Searching for a Thrill (1978)

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