SRC was an American psych-rock band that released three albums between 1968 and 1970 on Capitol, followed by a pair of 1972 singles, including one as Blue Scepter on the Motown-subsidiary Rare Earth.

Members: Gary Quackenbush (guitar, 1968-69), Glenn Quackenbush (keyboards, vocals, 1968-70), E. G. Clawson (drums, 1968-70), Scott Richardson (vocals, 1968-70), Steve Lymann (guitar, 1968-69), Robin Dale (bass, 1968), Alan Wilmot (bass, 1969-70), Ray Goodman (guitar, 1970)

SRC evolved from The Tremelos, a surf band formed in 1963 in Birmingham, Michigan, by guitarist Gary Quackenbush and drummer E. G. Clawson.


  • SRC (1968)
  • Milestones (1969)
  • Traveler’s Tale (1970)
  • “Born to Love” / “The Badaz Shuffle” (1972)
  • “Out in the Night” / “Gypsy Eyes” (1972 • Blue Scepter)


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