Spriguns were an English folk-rock band from Cambridge that recorded two albums as Spriguns of Tolgus in 1974/75, the second released on Alida Star and the first released 18 years after the fact by archivists Kissing Spell. Under the shortened name, the band released the albums Revel Weird And Wild (1976) and Time Will Pass (1977) on Decca. A fifth album, Magic Lady, appeared in 1978 on local-press Banshee Records with frontwoman Mandy Morton featured before the nameplate. In 1980, she issued the solo album Sea of Storms on Polydor.

Members: Mandy Morton (vocals), Mike Morton (vocals), Chris Russon (guitar), Rick Thomas (fiddle), Tom Ling (fiddle), Dick Powell (keyboards), Chris Woodcock (drums), Dennis Dunstan (drums), Wayne Morrison (guitar)


  • Rowdy, Dowdy, Day (1974 • Spriguns of Tolgus)
  • Jack With a Feather (1975 • Spriguns of Tolgus)
  • Revel, Weird and Wild (1976)
  • Time Will Pass (1977)
  • Magic Lady (1978 • Mandy Morton & Spriguns)

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