Spoons were a Canadian synthpop band that released three albums on Ready Records between 1981 and 1983, followed by two further albums on Anthem during the late 1980s.

Members: Gordon Deppe (vocals, guitar), Sandy Horne (vocals, bass), Brett Wickens (keyboards, synthesizer, 1979-80), Peter Shepherd (drums, 1979), Derrick Ross (drums, 1980-86), Rob Preuss (keyboards, synthesizer, 1981-86), Steve Kendry (drums, 1986-90), Scott MacDonald (keyboards, 1986-90)


  • Stick Figure Neighbourhood (1981)
  • Arias & Symphonies (1982)
  • Talkback (1983)
  • Bridges Over Borders (1986)
  • Vertigo Tango (1988)

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