Sons and Daughters of Lite

Sons and Daughters of Lite were an American jazz-funk ensemble from Oakland, Calif, that released the album Let the Sun Shine In on self-press Sunlite Record Publishing Company in 1978.

Members: Basuki Bala (leader, baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, percussion, vocals), Marty Payne (trumpet, flugelhorn, backing vocals), Paul Fenner III (tenor saxophone), Michael Oliver Warren (bass, trombone), Marc Smith (bass), Jdlinkomo [W.C. Daniels] (piano, electric piano, synthesizer, vibraphone, percussion, backing vocals), Terry Lawyer (drums), Snip Milton Jr. (drums), Babatunde Olatunji (congas, bongos, percussion), Jeanne Cuffey (vocals), Kalamu Chaché (vocals), Kaliba (vocals), Aisha Kahlil (vocals)


  • Let the Sun Shine In (1978)

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